Story Time: In the Beginning

Introducing Story Time:

On Sundays, at 2 pm we are inviting our children to jump on Zoom and hear our volunteers on our nursery team share stories with the kids.  While the story, discussion questions, and memory verse are geared towards those ages 3-5, you’re all welcome to join us!

Last Week’s Story: In the Beginning

Last week we learned that God made everything and He made it all perfect. He loved us so much and we got to hang out with Him all the time! Our color this week is yellow. Yellow is like gold, like sunshine, like the beautiful, perfect, shiny Heaven, where God lives! God is perfect and we got to be a part of His perfect creation.

Memory Verse:

In the beginning, God created everything. And It was very, very good.   Genesis 1:31


  • Using only yellow crayons/colored pencils/markers, draw a picture of things God has made. Show what our relationship with God looked like. Keep this picture in a special place because we’re going to use this picture in a few weeks in a very important project! If you want to share it with us, you can take a picture of it and have your mom or dad put the picture in the comments of the video! Or you can show it to us when we start next week’s storytime!
  • Sing the song “He’s got the whole world in his hands” to remember that God has made everything and also takes care of everything
  • This song is especially important right now, when the whole world is facing the same crisis and lots of people are scared. Lots of people have recorded themselves singing this song, to remind us all that God takes care of all of us, that he is perfect and is in control.
  • Watch “Earth” or “Oceans” on Disney+. Look at all the awesome stuff God made and put on this planet! It’s amazing!!
  • Watch Creation Celebration on Right Now Media
  • Draw a picture of your favorite things that God has made.
  • Every day, get together as a family and name things that God has made.


If you missed last week’s lesson, “In the Beginning”, you can watch as Erin Templeton reads the story and our kids interact with the story.

Next Week:

We’ll have story time every Sunday afternoon at 2pm! We can’t wait to see you again next week!  Click on the calendar link below to add this event to your calendar. See you next week!