Heroes: Abraham

Bible Text: Genesis 22 | Speaker: Sam John | Series: Heroes

2 TIMOTHY 2:8-13

Bible Text: 2 TIMOTHY 2:8-13 | Speaker: Sam John | Series: 2 Timothy

A Season of Sifting

Bible Text: Luke 22:31-34 | Speaker: Sam John | Series: Stand Alone Sermon |
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Sermon:  This morning, we are going to be Luke 22:31-34. We will be hearing on the topic, “A Season of Sifting”. We’re blessed to have Sam John minister to us from God’s Word.

Testimony:  We also get a chance to hear from Pastor Roberto and his family. Ps. Roberto is leading Nexo Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have had the joy of helping them as they planted Nexo.

Order of Worship:

Call to Worship:  Hebrews  10:19-25
Song:  Lord I Need You
Testimony:  Pastor Roberto (Nexo Church)
Song:  Here I Am to Worship
Sermon:  A Season of Sifting | Luke 22:31-34 | Sam John
Closing Song:  Be Thou My Vision
Benediction:  Acts 20:32

Thanks for being with us today!