It Just So Happened
November 10, 2019

It Just So Happened

Passage: Ruth 2
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The book of Ruth is a story that reminds us not only that God works visibly through prophets and miracles, but that he is invisibly and mysteriously working all of the time, even within tragedy.  It’s a story for those of us who have, are, and will suffer tragedy, loss, or pain. It’s a story for those wondering where God is in the midst of heartbreak upon heartbreak. It is a story for those who will doubt whether God is in control, whether God is good, and whether faithfulness to do what is right is worth it in hard times. And it’s a story for people who question whether all things, including suffering, are in fact purposed for good.

In this sermon, we discover the hesed (God's lovingkindness and faithfulness) for Ruth, her family and the people of Israel.

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