Core: Mission Driven

Bible Text: Matthew 28:16-20 | Speaker: Sam Chacko | Series: Our Core | Core Value #4: Mission Driven

We believe that the church has been given one mission: make disciples of all nations. This means that we have been called out as missionaries, inviting people to be followers of Jesus wherever we are. Each of us has a “sphere of influence” where we live, serve, work, and play. We interact daily with neighbors and coworkers and we believe that Jesus has placed us in these spheres to be witnesses of who He is.

Whether we are accountants or teachers we are all called to be missionaries with a heartbeat of discipleship. A disciple is one who follows, learns from, and obeys someone who is greater than themself, seeking in everything to be like their master. Our desire is to make more disciples of Jesus. As disciples we seek to follow Jesus, learn to be like Him and obey what He is teaching us through His word. As disciple-makers we are calling others to follow Jesus, teaching them His Word, and exhorting them to obey His commandments.

As we intentionally inject the gospel into everyday life (where we live, serve, work, and play) we call those who do not know Jesus to follow Him and those who claim the name of Jesus to love and obey Him. In every situation we seek to help others find life, place, and meaning in Christ.

This is not simply a mission to make converts, as if relationships are merely a means to an end, but rather a welcoming of others to experience true life in communion with God and his people. We believe that evangelism is merely the first step in disciple-making and that helping walk someone into maturity with Jesus (teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded) should always be a natural next step. One should not be separated from the other.