Missional Community Groups (MCGs)

Our MCGs are a fun time of fellowship, sharing a meal, praying for each other, talking about life, and looking for ways to reach our communities. Instead of being another bible study night in the week, MCGs focus on spending time together and getting to know each other more meaningfully outside of the hour or so we spend together on Sundays on a quarterly basis.

Our community groups are also “missional.” They’re planted in neighborhoods we live in and are a vehicle for reaching our neighbors. Our goal is for our MCGs to be intentional parts of these neighborhoods—whether through serving local needy communities, helping refugees acclimate, or throwing barbecues for the neighbors. MCGs can be a less intimidating introduction to the family of God, and they’re pockets of “salt and light.” Get to be a part of each other’s lives, fellowship and be on mission together.

Check out our Community Groups page on Church Center to connect with a group near you. Join a community group & experience the power of doing life together!