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Connecting Relationally, Growing Spiritually

We believe in the vital importance of Sunday celebrations where the Word of God is taught to us and we participate in corporate worship and celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. But one does not typically enter into deeper and more meaningful personal relationships with other Christians simply by attending church on a Sunday.

At LOFT we value being the family that God created us to be. Our unique groups are where that happens and can be a place where people have the opportunity to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth. We offer multiple group options that work for your individual needs and work together.

Our MCG groups are larger groups that typically meet once a quarter or so, and are comprised of people that live fairly close to each other. There is one MCG “leader” who basically coordinates things like dates, times and meeting locations for the entire group. The MCG leaders will also be a point person for any questions the Connect Group may run into during their group meetings.

Our Connect Groups are new to LOFT in 2023! These are smaller, more intimate groups comprised of 2-3 families or 6-8 singles or a combination or both that meet weekly or bi-weekly. You will spend time sharing a meal, stories, and praying together. Our hope is that through this time you will foster deeper connections and grow in your walk with Christ.

Our singles group is aptly named “SLOFT”, and if you are single at LOFT, then you can be a SLOFT! This group has regular lunches and activities where they can encourage one another in this season of life.