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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where people can pursue authentic community by gathering around the table, sharing meals, stories, and praying together. We believe that to grow spiritually, we need to be connected relationally. Connect groups foster an environment where we can be known, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Christ in our daily lives.

These groups launch on February 12th and run for a period of 6 months. Each group will consist of 3-4 families or 6-8 singles, or a combination of both. By rotating every six months, you and your family can get to know other members of LOFT easily and consistently. 

Connect Groups FAQ

How are Connect Groups different from MCGs?

Connect Groups will be smaller, more intimate groups of 3-4 families or 6-8 singles, or a combination of both. These will be gatherings that will be centered around the table and sharing a meal together. You will connect by sharing stories, praying for each other, connecting and growing on a deeper level with Jesus. Each group will meet for a set period of 6 months, where we will then open it back up to reassign groups, or you may take a break if you need to.

Will we still have MCGs?

Yes, but our MCGs will meet less frequently. We’re aiming for once a quarter. This way, we’ll still have an opportunity to get together as a larger group but have more time to plan fun activities. 

How will I be added to a Connect Group?

First, fill out the Connect Group Sign-Up Form on Church Center. Once the leadership team has your submission, we’ll review your preferences and match you/your family with a group that is most compatible.

Should each member of my family sign-up for a Connect Group?

No, we only need one person to sign up per family unit.

When do I need to sign up?

We want everyone who is interested in joining a group to fill out the form by the end of January. That way, we can introduce you to your group in early February and you can get to connecting! 

What happens if I miss the sign up window?

That's ok! We will have another Connect Group sign up period during June that will allow you to join a group. In the meantime, we have our MCG groups that meet together for fellowship and fun events, as well as our bible studies. 

How will I find out who is in my Connect Group?

We will send you an email the first week of February that will include who your new Connect Group members are and an invite to a meet-and-greet we will have here at LOFT after service on February 12th. At the gathering, you will have the opportunity to meet with your new group members and set up your first meeting time. It will be a fun opportunity to play games, eat, and fellowship with one another. We will also have a short time for Q&A.

Are Connect Groups expected to meet consistently forever?

We’re asking Connect Groups to meet consistently (weekly or bi-weekly) over six months. At six months, Connect Groups can decide if they want to continue meeting together or if they want to take the opportunity to get to know other members of LOFT by joining a different group. The purpose of Connect Groups is to foster authentic, deeper relationships throughout the church. By rotating every six months, you and your family have the opportunity to get to know other members of LOFT easily and consistently. 

What if I don’t hear from other members of my group?

First of all, we hope this doesn’t happen! That’s why we ask you to state your commitment to meeting consistently when you sign up. But if it does, let your MCG leader know. We’ll help with getting in touch with them and guide conversations that may be necessary. 


Do I have to be in a Connect Group if I go to LOFT?

No, but it’s highly encouraged! Relationships can’t grow if you only see church members on Sundays or at MCG. We want you to have a community of love and support that you can lean on, and we feel strongly that this grows best through consistent time together.

What should a meeting with my Connect Group look like?

There is not necessarily a “should” way of meeting, as this implies a “correct” way that a group meets. Every group may have a slightly different dynamic based on the individuals placed in those groups; however, the decision to begin Connect Groups came out of the desire for the body of Christ to build deeper, more intimate relationships. Our hope is that the Connect Groups spend time around the table, eating meals together, sharing life stories, hurts, prayers, and challenges, and encouraging one another in their walk with Christ.

Will this take the place of Bible study groups?

No. Our MCG groups, bible studies, and Connect Groups are all ways that you can grow in your walk with Christ through a community with fellow believers.

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