Bible Studies


At the heart of the Christian faith is “discipleship” or, in other words, being a learner of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20). Growing as a disciple of Jesus doesn’t happen on accident, intentionality is required. Therefore, we have created Bible studies which are small (3-5 people), gender specific groups who regularly meet together for life-on-life intentional discipleship. The purpose of these groups is to cultivate a trust in and love for Jesus, study the Bible, grow in holiness, and obey His commands. The goal of these Bible studies include:


A disciple of Jesus is someone learning to apply the gospel to absolutely every part of life. Essentially, everything we do together in community is a part of discipleship.


This is where we care sincerely for one another. This will includes things like getting to know one another’s stories, listening closely to each other and to the Holy Spirit so we can carefully and empathetically direct each other to truth, checking one another’s heart and passions, and praying with and for each other.


Holding one another accountable is more than just asking hard questions. To grow in holiness is to grow in Christlikeness. But, we don’t drift into holiness. Holiness is the result of a habitual weakening of the flesh through constant contending in the Spirit for life-giving victory over sin. This involves encouragement towards Christ and admonishment through the truth in love.

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