Whoever started Christmas should be found, strung up, and shot!

A woman was out Christmas shopping with her two children. After hours of scanning the shelves for toys and gifts, and after hearing her children begging for all the things they wanted, she finally made it to the elevator. The doors opened and the elevator was packed with people. She managed to squeeze in with her bags and children. When the doors closed she let out an exhausted sigh and said, “Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up and shot!” From the back of the elevator a voice responded, “Don’t worry, we already crucified him!”

In the busyness of the season we call Christmas, it is easy to forget who started this whole season. Cards have to be written and mailed out, parties need to be attended, the children have their programs, shopping bags filled, lights hung, trees decorated, snow shoveled, house cleaned, relatives entertained and more! It’s exhausting just typing all of this.

[pl_blockquote]On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again. (2 Corinthians 1:10b)[/pl_blockquote]

Why is why we need to keep a clear focus: Christmas isn’t about us! It is about Jesus. It is about God who became flesh. It is about the One who left the perfect home for a smelly manger. It’s about Him who exchanged the worship of angels to hang around with thieves, liars and murderers. It’s about the One traded the robe of majesty to be clothed in swaddling clothes. It’s about the One who can hold the universe in the palm of His hand, but gave that up to be conceived in the womb of a teenage girl. Its about the sinless, perfect, Son of God who came to die for sinners like me.

So let’s not forget who started Christmas or why He started it. This busy season, remember Him no matter what you are doing. Whether it is wrapping a gift or cooking a meal. Think about Him at your children’s programs or while shopping in the mall.

At the end of the day, this season is about putting Jesus first. Because He put His life on the line for us. He humbled Himself and became a man – a man who lived and died a once-and-for-all death for our sins. The salvation of our lives was more important than the saving of His life.

[pl_blockquote]Question: As things get busy, is your focus on the stuff of Christmas or the One who started Christmas?[/pl_blockquote]

Photo courtesy of ©Christopher Vu under the Creative Commons License 3.0

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