The Good Thief

April 21, 2019
Easter 2019:  The Good Thief A monologue from the perspective of the thief that died next to Jesus on the cross.

Jesus, Jairus and the Bleeding Woman

March 24, 2019
In this beautiful story we see two people who could not be more opposite. A man and woman. A Pharisee and outcast. Rich and poor. But both come to Jesus in their time of deep brokenness. Both come to God with faith and belief. In their moment of deepest need Jesus looks at them with care and compassion. In both cases He gives them more than they ask for: not just a healing but belonging, not just a healing but also a demonstration of power and authority over death.

Jesus and Power

March 17, 2019
So how do we use our God-given power, influence and gifts to serve rather than be served? How do we see the gospel go out and effect change in people’s souls and in people’s lives so that generations are changed for Christ?