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Jesus and Doubt

May 19, 2019
If you want a bad name, then admit to your doubts. Look at Thomas. We read in our text about how he admits to his doubts about the resurrection of…

Jesus and Mission

May 12, 2019
Some of us think of church primarily as what happens on Sundays.  In this sermon, we look at a  key event that reorients us to who the church is called…
In the previous sermon we saw that Jesus changed the lives of two prominent men in the culture of the time: Joseph and Nicodemus. This week we are going to…

The Resurrection

April 28, 2019
Jesus really did die, he really was buried and he really did rise from the grave.  And as a result what we see is that people’s lives were really changed…

The Good Thief

April 21, 2019
Easter 2019:  The Good Thief A monologue from the perspective of the thief that died next to Jesus on the cross.
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