Prayer walking and why we want you to join us?

One of the ways that we can intentionally pray for the city that God placed us in is by doing prayer walks.  Last month, we walked through the neighborhoods around LOFT City and prayed that God would bless our city.  We walked by a couple schools and prayed that God would bless and protect the teachers and the students that assemble there during the week.  As we passed by city hall, we prayed that God would give our city leaders the wisdom to lead the city.  As we walked through the neighborhoods and the apartment communities, our prayer was that God would restore, protect and provide for the families/individuals that lived there.  We believe that prayer is so important to reaching the city that we want to continue doing prayer walks on a monthly basis.

We spent most of this past year studying the book of Hebrews.  One of the things that the writer emphasized is that because of Jesus we can approach the throne of grace anytime and from anywhere.

So what is so great about prayer walks and why do we want you to join us?

– It’s actually good for your body.  It’s good to get out and walk, even if it is a little chilly.

– It gives you a new viewpoint.  It’s very easy to drive straight from home to church and then go back home.  However, walking the streets of Richardson opens your eyes to so much more that is happening in the city.

– It gives you a desire to see God change the city.  When you see the people in the city, and you walk by where the leaders make decisions that affect the future of the city, and you are in front of the school that educates the future generation of the city, your prayer becomes that God becomes actively involved in the community.

– You are engaged in spiritual warfare.  You see the good and the bad of the city.  You see some of the devastation that sin has caused – broken homes, poverty, drugs, etc.

– It builds unity in the church as we join hearts and words in praying for God to use LOFT City to make a difference in our city.

– It teaches us to pray for things that only God can change.  We realize that unless God works, no event or activity that our church does will make a difference in this community.

– It helps us confess of our fears and lack of love for the city and people that are different from us.  It’s easy to talk about how much we love the city within the confines of the four walls of the church.  It’s easy to say that we are a church that welcomes all people to worship with us.  However, when we are walking through the city, we realize that we really don’t love the city and the people (and their baggage) that live in the city.  This helps us to go to God to repent and confess of our lack of love.

– It stirs your heart for compassion and justice in the neighborhood.

– It allows us to meet our neighbors and possibly build relationships with them and hear how we can be praying for them.

– We follow the example of Jesus.  “And when He (Jesus) drew near and saw the city, he wept over it (Luke 19:41).

Photo courtesy of ©lindejesus under the Creative Commons License 3.0

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