The next chapter

And so it begins…“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Growing up, I had this idea of success that seemed to have been embedded in my mind. It was a formula to what my life should look like. There was nothing wrong with this formula; it was actually a great way to make sure I didn’t waste my life away. I’d graduate high school, focus in college, get into medical school (or an equivalent), find a girl, eventually get married, and raise a family. But, there was a point at which I began to realize there were differences in between what I felt I was “called” to do and what the formula “called” me to do. I was torn. One option would take me down a road of stability and comfort. The other option would take me down a road I was less familiar with.

How do I decide?

Almost six years ago, I embarked on a journey in which I had no clue of what the outcome would be. I left my family, friends, and comfort thousands of miles away and moved to a place I wasn’t familiar with. I was terrified for countless reasons. What was I, this kid barely out of high school, thinking? Pursuing a degree in music? What if I failed? What would happen if I had heard wrong? A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions flooded my mind. In these years, I’ve asked myself countless times, whether I was really where I was supposed to be. It felt like I found myself in the valley 80% of the time. Then I was reminded that it was the strength gained in the valley that brought us to our mountain top experiences.

[pl_blockquote]When we take a step out of our comfort zone and put our lives in surrender to God’s will, something beautiful happens. Yes, there will be fear, doubt, and confusion, but ultimately, there will be peace. The beauty of life is that when we follow after what God wants us to do, we are never promised ease and comfort, but we are promised that He would be there with us.[/pl_blockquote]

This journey of a thousand miles would never have happened without the first step. The first step was the hardest; it required the most faith and strength. It’s difficult to take a step when you can’t see what’s in front of you. I’ve learned a lot in the last six years. I’ve met my closest friends, lost a ton of friends, traveled the country, made a ton of mistakes, and learned a lot about myself.

There has been a familiar Bible story that has been pivotal to this journey I’ve been on. It’s the story of Peter walking on water. When Jesus said, “Come,” Peter stepped out without hesitation. We have a tendency of asking for a call to “come,” but are slow to respond when we receive it. We make excuses and try to convince ourselves otherwise. This is very normal. I wonder sometimes what was going through Peter’s head. Peter knew it was greater to take the risk of responding to the call of Jesus than to allow fear to hold him back. Can you imagine what it would have looked like if Jesus had said, “come,” and if Peter had decided to sit? At the moment Peter’s doubt began to get the best of him, Jesus stretched His arms out and caught Peter. Even after the first step is taken and we see how good things are going, our doubts begin to creep in and will, at times, get the best of us. The beauty is that even in those moments, He isn’t planning on letting us sink and drown, but He is there to make sure we stay afloat.

Now, I am embarking on a new journey – one full of fears, worries, and doubts – but I know it’s where I am supposed to be. I’ve heard the call to “come”, and now it’s time to respond.

[pl_blockquote]In the next few months, I will transition out of Dallas and will be making the move to Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. I’m not sure what this season has in store or how it will work. But, that’s the beauty in putting my trust in Jesus.[/pl_blockquote]

As Peter didn’t think twice and took a step out into the unknown, I believe it’s time for me to do the same. This transition is going to be long, hard, and difficult. I am saying goodbye to a church I love, friends who have become family, and all things I know to be comfortable.

All this to say, never be afraid to walk in the will of God or follow after what He is calling you to do. Take risks, do things that make you uncomfortable, and challenge yourself daily to rely on Him. You will have fear, doubts, and worries, but it will be well worth it. Comfort and safety can’t be what guides your life, rather, have comfort and peace in knowing that He is guiding your life. What good is it to go through life in black and white, when, all along, He’s called us to live in color?

6 Replies to “The next chapter”

  1. May God be with you on this journey Chach. I don’t know you that well, but you’re definitely someone I look up to… Keep living in color!

  2. Powerful blog! I’m praying for you, man. I hope you are used mightly whereever God places you and keep on living for His purpose and kingdom.

  3. This is truly inspiring Bin. Wishing you the best in Hawaii and in whatever else the Lord has in store for you buddy. Congratulations on making this leap of faith and hoping wonderful things come from it. God bless Bin. =)

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