Can we trust God?

Can I trust God? How we answer this question impacts how we respond to everything in life. If God can be trusted, it changes everything for us. If He can’t be trusted, then we might as well give up on Christianity and figure life out for ourselves.

To be honest, trusting God is one of the hardest things we will ever do. It is incredibly difficult. I been in ministry now for over ten years and a student of God’s Word for much longer than that. I grew up in the house of a pastor, so the Bible was drilled into hour heads. I can quote chapter and verse that teaches us that God is good, that God is in control and that God cares for us. However, I am smart enough to know that there is a major difference between preaching about trust and actually trusting. It’s one thing to counsel someone to trust God, it’s a totally different thing to trust God myself.

[pl_blockquote]Therefore, the issue of trusting God is critical to our lives. And let me cut to the chase by saying the following very important statement: If there is a single event that occurs in our lives outside of God’s sovereign control, then we CANNOT trust God. If there is anything that surprises God, if there is anything that catches God off guard, if something shocks God, then we can’t trust Him.[/pl_blockquote]

So when we ask the question, Can I trust God, the question we are really asking is whether or not God is in control of our lives.

In Scripture, an unknown author wrote a beautiful song that emphatically emphasizes that not only can God be trusted, but He gives three reasons why God is worthy of our trust. The song is found in Psalm 121.

He describes a journey that he is taking to Jerusalem to worship. This journey was filled with anticipation, but also a sense of trepidation. There was anticipation because they were going to worship God. However, there was also trepidation because they didn’t know what was going to happen on their journey to Jerusalem. They could be attacked, robbed or killed.  And so he begins his journey with a prayer to God and acknowledges that He is dependent on God to reach his destination.

Then he begins to list three important truths about God of why we can trust Him.

God is the creator; therefore, nothing is too big for him.

The first thing that the author acknowledges is that “my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” (vs 2). He declares that God is both personal and He is powerful.

There is a common view of God today that acknowledges that God created us, but then He took a step back and left us on our own. He doesn’t care about us unless it is to judge or punish us. This is an unbiblical view of God. The word for God that the psalmist uses is Yahweh, the most personal name of God. It points to the fact that God loves His people, God wants a relationship with His people and God wants to be involved in His people’s lives.

God is also powerful. He made the heavens and the earth out of nothing. Don’t miss this! The God who created EVERYTHING out of nothing is the same God who wants to be our help.

This one verse points not only to God’s willingness to help us (because He is personal), but His ability to help us (because He is powerful).

God never sleeps; therefore, nothing surprises Him.

The psalmist then makes the statement that God “will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” (vs 3-4).

The imagery there is of a God who is watching over us, caring for us and protecting us. That’s why the psalmist can say that God will not let our foot be moved.

Please don’t read this and think that this means that you will never experience heartache, hardship or difficulty in life. The reality is that you will. What it does mean is that no matter what we encounter, God never takes His eyes off of us. He never lets go of our hands. He is always sustaining us.

[pl_blockquote]How do we know? Because God never sleeps. He never doses off. He never needs to rest. You and I would never be able to make it without rest. We also couldn’t make it if God rested. In fact, the reason we can rest and sleep is because God never does.[/pl_blockquote]

What this means is that we will never hear God say, “I missed that” or “can’t believe I let that slip by me.” We won’t hear that because nothing catches Him off guard and nothing surprises Him.

Reality check: Could it be that the reason we are a restless people is in reality a trust issue between God and us?

God is always at our side; therefore, nothing will touch us unless God allows it.

The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life (vs 5-7).

This is my favorite part of this psalm. I love this because it reminds me that I can endure anything life throws at me, because God is in it and God is with me.

God is a shade at our right hand. What a beautiful imagery. In order for something to provide shade it has to be both big and close. And the idea of right hand means a place of strength and favor. The writer says that God is big, God is close, God is our Savior, but also that God is on the one who fights for us. He fights our battles for us.

Reality Check: God’s presence in our lives is a game changer. Because it tells us that not only are we never alone, but also that nothing can happen to us unless God allows it.

This is where we have got to settle in our mind that God is sovereign over EVERYTHING, or he isn’t sovereign over ANYTHING.

[pl_blockquote]Either things happen to us apart from God knowing or God knows it and allows it because He has a greater purpose behind it.  Does this include the loss of a job? Yes. Does it include being hurt by a friend? Absolutely. Does it even encompass a bad report about your health? Yes. The death of a loved one? Yes. Nothing can happen to us, unless God allows it.[/pl_blockquote]

Back in the beginning of the blog I made the statement that if there is a single event (just one) that occurs in my life that God doesn’t know about, then we can’t trust Him. However, after reading through this psalm, I am confident that there is not a single event (not one) that will occur outside of God’s sovereign control; therefore, we can trust Him.

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