How Do I Live Missionaly?

We are busy doing church programs, attending five services a week, but we never share the Gospel. Do less church stuff & more “worldly stuff”.

Pray for Oklahoma

It is heartbreaking to see the devastation. We have a truck that needs to be packed with much-needed supplies that leaves on Saturday. We need your help.

Time to Grow Up

Spiritual infants may go to church & small groups, listen to podcasts & tweet favorite verses. And then continue to live lives as they had been before.

Citlally Ramirez

Meet Citlally

The veil was torn & I could speak directly with God. I could use my own words. He wanted to hear me. Just knowing that completely changed my life.

Camelot Tuesday LOFT City Church

Life on Mission

One of our deepest desires was to foster a strong relationship with the people in our neighborhood. We wanted to go to them.

Living for Jesus

Often times, I read the Bible and see the faith of individuals, and a part of me feels like that it was easy for them.

Alex, the General Contractor

God is giving us opportunities to interact with various people, learn from them, love them, and point them to Jesus.

Heather Mercer

The Great Commission is not just a commission to be for self. It is a command to be obeyed. God has called us to go.