The Firstborn Of All Creation

God doesn’t fit into our boxes, not in any way, especially in respect to the birth of Jesus. He was there before He was born.

Prayer walking and why we want you to join us?

Our prayer was that God would restore, protect and provide for the families and individuals that lived there.  We believe that prayer is so important to reaching the city that we want to continue doing prayer walks on a monthly basis.

A Messed-Up Focus

It’s sad when people complain that they are not getting anything out of the church, but in reality they never put anything in to building relationships and living their faith together with other people.

Will I Trust God?

They remind us that God can handle our wrestling. God can handle our struggles. God can even handle our doubts. In fact, God invites that kind of transparency from us.

Can we trust God?

If there is anything that surprises God, if there is anything that catches God off guard, if something shocks God, then we can’t trust Him.

The next chapter

Now, I am embarking on a new journey – one full of fears, worries, and doubts – but I know it’s where I am supposed to be. I’ve heard the call to “come”, and now it’s time to respond.

How Do I Live Missionaly?

We are busy doing church programs, attending five services a week, but we never share the Gospel. Do less church stuff & more “worldly stuff”.